Environment-friendly management

Hyundai Everdigm conducts various projects with its partners for sustainable management based on mutual trust,
communication and understanding.

EVER(Environmental Management) Organization Chart
EVER(environmental management) strategy
EVER(environmental management) Promotion & Plan


Usage/emission status

  • Reduction of
    waste generation
  • Reduction of water use
    (residential, industrial)
  • Reduction of energy use

Priority purchase of eco-friendly materials

Application to environmental policy for the manual of quality environmental management system t “When purchasing consumer goods, we select eco-friendly products for production as first priority." Application to responsibilities and rights of parts and products managers in the purchasing instructions “Selection of eco-friendly products as first priority"

Reuse of wastewater from washing facilities

Conservation of water system environment and water by recycling wastewater from cutting and washing attachment facilities for specific periods of time

2020 Achievements

Items Details Performance Remarks
LED light exchange Energy conservation through replacement of lights to LED type Annual conservation of 4,272kWh
by replacing 121 LED lights
High efficiency dust collector inverter installation High efficiency dust collector inverter
installation in paint shops(3 units)
Annual electricity
conservation of 850kWh
Investment amount
: Approx. 74 million won
Changing the treatment method for
waste wood treatment method change
Incineration -> Recycling 124 tons of
waste wood materials recycled

2021 Plans

Items Details Performance Remarks
Drill equipment fuel efficiency improvement 10% conservation in fuel consumption
by application of load sensing system
Reduction of resource consumption and exhaust gas by reducing fuel consumption
Clean Best and 5S Activities Clean Best (Safety,5S) activities for the entire plant
(Supervisors of all departments/once a month)
Derive environment-related improvement cases
High efficiency dust collector inverter installation High efficiency dust collector inverter
installation in paint shops(3 units)
Reduce approx. 20% in power consumption
Office electrical equipment management Air conditioner/heater temperature management
Power timer installation on water purifiers
Reduce power consumption on holidays and night time
Eco-friendly slogan contest Eco-friendly slogan contest
Select and award winners
Build a eco-friendly mindset
Tumbler production Print the winning eco-friendly slogan on tumblers and distribute to all employees Avoid the use of single-use items
Office recycling activities Re-install recycle bins in all offices
Stop the use of personal trash cans
increased separation rate
(Reduction of incinerated waste)


  • ISO 14001 certification maintained

    By acquiring the international standard for environmental management system (ISO 140001) certification, we have set environmental management as the corporate management policy and manage it systematically and achieve continuous environmental improvement.

  • International environmentally friendly standard certification (UN SDGs Association) Outstanding grade ‘AA' in GRP

    GRP is a global environmental guideline and certification for climate change response and plastic reduction. It participates in environmentally friendly efforts for sustainable global environmental preservation.

  • Environmental Management Leadership Secured

    A committee promoting environmental management is organized and reflected in the work system.

    Establishment of emergency measures system

    Operational procedures for emergencies (various accidents, etc.) are prepared and work processing procedures for each accident and emergency situation, an emergency response organizational chart, an emergency contact network and procedures according to various scenarios are established so that there are different measures for each situation.


Information sharing and consultation activities with related organizations

Collaboration in the “Jincheon-gun Ditch Rescue Project” and participation in purification activities and waterside planting activities to improve the quality of life of surrounding towns and to lead the recovery work of the town community.

Joined the local environmental engineer association to from a consultative group and attend practical training.
- Benchmarking of excellent companies.
- Preparation for the changing environmental laws and regulations and sharing of the management direction of the competent authority in the field of environment

Use of environmentally friendly materials

Chang in forklift fuel of some processes to LPG type model. Prevention of environmental pollution through no emission of fine dust.

Eco-friendly social contribution activities We are actively participating in environmental protection activities of the local community such as collecting trash at Baekgokcheon embankment and the riverbed parking lot in the vicinity of the local community.
Clean best and 5S activities Supervisors of all departments gather to conduct on-site inspection activities once a month Environmental self-inspection and improvement activities around the plant and within the workplace
Installation of high-efficiency inverter for motor equipment in the paint shops Changed from the existing starting method of soft starter -> inverter control method Conservation of power consumption by more than 19% After the completion of 3 facility installation in 2020, additional installation plan for 3 facilities in 2021
Development of fuel efficiency improvement for drilling equipment Reducing fuel consumption by 10% by applying load sensing system


Campaign to reduce leftover food at company restaurants

Minimization of leftover occurrence - raise awareness through campaign activities and various events
Minimization of undistributed leftovers - cook

Environment Education for Executives and Employees

Reinforcement of environmental awareness in executives and employees by sharing information on environmental pollution and waste through education. Training cycle: Twice a year

Reduction of greenhouse gas emission
  • Management of office air conditioner/heater temperature settings

    Winter time heater temperature: 20~23 degrees Celsius

    Summer time AC temperature: 25~27 degrees Celsius

  • Power management after meetings or after work

    Water purifier power timer installation

    Automatic power ON/OFF at night/ holidays

Environmentally friendly slogan contest
Company-wide environmentally friendly slogan contest

Prize awarded for selected winner

Post various signs with the winning work

Production and distribution of tumblers

Distribution of tumblers after printing the best work from the environmentally friendly slogan contest

Promotion to reduce single-use items such as office paper cups

Re-installation of recycle bins for each office

Reinstallation of recycle bins for each office by item to activate recycling

Stop use of personal trashcan at each desk

Replacement of the plastic lining of recycle bins with transparent plastic