Greetings, we thank you for supporting Hyundai EVERDIGM.
Dear respected shareholders and customers,
Myung Jin Lim CEO
Hyundai EVERDIGM has led the heavy equipment manufacturing industry in Korea since its foundation in 1994 with the best technology and highest quality.

Hyundai EVERDIGM is making innovative products by continuously investing in research and development and expanding its business through your support. We are also striving to create new value through discovering talented people and infrastructure projects. We present our vision as a global company with differentiated services and solutions.

We are proud to say our competitiveness, the growth of emerging markets, the confidence to do anything, even in aggressive investments, the passion and enthusiasm to adapt to rapidly changing society, and the challenge of turning crises into new opportunities, are ahead of everyone else. Dealers from 96 countries worldwide, including executives and employees, and our customers are the driving force behind the global presence of Hyundai EVERDIGM. Hyundai EVERDIGM will work diligently to train talented individuals and become a world-class company.

We are taking the lead in continuous sharing, volunteering, social contributions, sound corporate governance, and comprehensive and transparent ethics management based on the company’s philosophy of, ‘Bring happiness to the customers and enrich the world’. We establish a virtuous cycle of partnership to implement more systematic and strategic social responsibility management and grow with our business partners through efficient risk management. We participate in environmental preservation through eco-friendly equipment development, low fuel efficiency, and product life cycle extension.

Hyundai EVERDIGM endeavors to become a more trusted company by strengthening competitiveness in terms of products and quality, transparent management, and constant communication. We will leap forward as a global leader under the values of innovation, challenge-seeking perspectives, and a people-centric approach.

Thank You.